Diversity at VWFS - 100% Us

At VWFS we’re passionate about creating a culturally strong workplace where all of our colleagues feel comfortable being their 100% authentic self. We want to celebrate diversity, create an environment where all differences are valued, ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities and inspire our colleagues to collaborate and lead inclusively every day.

100% Me

At VWFS we place a great deal of importance on creating a culturally strong environment, and we recognise that maintaining a healthy and inclusive workplace involves constant evolution. One way we can ensure continuous positive change, is by sharing and listening to each other’s experiences, educating ourselves and developing as individuals so that we can all grow and expand our understanding together. Some colleagues have bravely come forward to share their experiences.

Our Workplace

Hybrid Working

Our hybrid working policy means that most of our colleagues can work from home for a big part of their working week. Everyone comes in for at least one day each week and this can be more, depending on which career you pursue with us

Casual Dress

Our smart/casual dress code allows you to wear what you feel comfortable and for you to be your authentic self at work

Office Spaces

In our offices we have quiet spaces as well as more collaborative areas to create a comfortable working environment for all of our colleagues

Personal Adjustments

We will make adjustments for you depending on your needs, to ensure that you can perform at your best and feel supported and involved at work

Hear from our Colleagues

“We help and support our colleagues in the workplace by offering adjustments such as specialist software so that everyone can feel confident in their job and successfully carry out their roles and responsibilities”

- Nikki Sheppard, Resourcing Business Partner

Watch this space for further quotes from our colleagues about how VWFS has supported them in their role

VWFS colleague

Reciprocal Partnership

The Reciprocal Partnership scheme works by pairing two individuals together to engage in regular dialogue and influence positive change within VWFS. The scheme helps to identify bias, barriers or blockers that may impede progress into senior leadership roles, while encouraging a culture where colleagues feel empowered to speak up.

Working Groups

To support our VWFS Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy we offer our colleagues the opportunity to be part of working groups to open up the opportunity for discussion, drive change and help ensure all our colleagues feel included.


Our series of VWFS internal podcasts titled ‘Can I Say That?’ are aimed at getting colleagues talking and thinking about how they communicate with one another. They focus on using inclusive language and how to respond if someone does unintentionally slip up over a sensitive issue despite having good intentions. Each episode addresses a different topic to keep colleagues consciously thinking and learning.