Finance, Legal & Compliance


One of the best things about working in finance is that you’ll get to work on a wide range of disciplines. One moment you could be supporting the business with its day-to-day operations, the next you could be making long-term strategic decisions. We pride ourselves on accuracy, timeliness and making improvements in the way we work.

Legal & Compliance

At VWFS we’re the trusted advisors working across a wide range or areas from contract negotiation to competition law and data protection. Other departments rely on us to advise on issues such as consumer protection and product development. We’re also responsible for making sure VWFS meets the standards set by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. We’re looking for people with a positive but firm approach to risk and compliance management.

Internal Controls

The regulatory environment we operate in as a financial services business is becoming more diverse and continues to evolve around us. Working in this team you’ll support in providing a central service to VWFS UK and, form a key part in developing a positive approach to risk and compliance management. This includes ensuring we have appropriate Enterprise Risk Management frameworks, effective business continuity capability and compliant anti-financial crime processes.


We provide independent advice on the organisations’ risks and controls and works with the business to identify and implement improvements where needed and ensure best practice measures are in place. We get to work across a broad range of topics, with stakeholders of all levels and as part of a global audit community