Customer Operations

Customers Operations isn’t just one team, we are in fact a number of teams dedicated to supporting around 1.2 million customers every year. From arranging the first direct debit to collecting a vehicle at the end of its contract we put customer needs at the heart of everything we do. It’s our job to make sure every interaction is simple and enjoyable as possible, whether you’re a customer or retailer. We do this by embracing new technology, providing clear leadership and developing the talented people who work for us. In fact, over the last year over 250 people received extra training or learned new skills.

New Business

Our New Business Team are the ones responsible for the processing of over 500,000 contracts, including applications for finance and service plans. As one of the main contact points for our retail partners, we play a crucial role in ensuring that VWFS UK are recognised and respected as the best in the automotive financial services sector. Not just by our customers, but also our stakeholders.

Customer Services

As the name suggests, it’s our job to provide customers with a high-quality Customer Experience through assistance, support, and account servicing throughout the time they have a financial services agreement with us. This means dealing with any enquiries or questions, and using a variety of different systems and processes to ensure everyone is happy.

Customer Resolutions

Our Customer Resolutions team are here to make sure we offer all our customers the best possible service, even when things go wrong. If a customer has a complaint or problem, we aim to resolve the issue in a timely manner. We do this by listening, being sympathetic and treating everyone in a fair and just way.

Collections & Recoveries

Working in Collections and Recoveries it’s our job to provide the highest quality assistance and support when a customer may be experiencing financial difficulty.
During this sensitive time, we ensure that we balance empathy with the commercial needs of the business.

Operations Planning

Our Operations Planning team are responsible for the forecasting and planning of all resource requirements across the Operating department. This includes managing the blend of the existing internal and outsource models.
Through careful planning we strive to deliver a commercially effective Customer Operations function.

Operational Compliance & Quality Assurance

Providing good customer outcomes and making sure we adhere to expected standards and regulations isn’t an easy job. But it’s one that our Customer Operations business do well, providing oversight and assurance when it is needed most. We do this through continuous monitoring of the customer journey and reviewing processes across all areas of our business.