Fleet & Mobility

Direct Fleet

Direct Fleet are here to meet the mobility requirements of our business and fleet customers. We have teams across customer service and supply, small to large enterprise sales and mobility. We also help our customers across a wide range of Fleet related topics, including sustainability, employee benefits, managing cost, and supporting business operations. We are proud to work with some of the biggest and smallest fleets in the country.

Fleet Corporate Service & Supply

The team cover all aspects of the operational and customer service delivery for all Fleet Corporate customers including quotes, orders, deliveries and any in-life activity, customer queries and end of contracts. Our technical team provide all aspects of maintenance approval, negotiation and cost control for all VWFS Service related products for all Corporate and Retail customers.


We offer both financing and leasing products and strive to deliver bespoke and flexible solutions. MAN Financial Services team work closely with the MAN brand to deliver a seamless experience for customers looking to fund their MAN vehicles. We offer both financing and leasing products and strive to deliver bespoke and flexible solutions, through simple and transparent processes. Our team is divided into two main areas, the Operations team and the Sales and Marketing team.

Mobility (Rent-a-car)

The term “Mobility” in VWFS refers to vehicle usage rather than vehicle ownership. Products focus on helping customers to own our cars. In Mobility we focus on short-term use of vehicles where customers pay to use a vehicle as a service and they do not take ownership of it. VWFS Rent-a-Car is the first and most established service delivered by Mobility. This is a traditional car and van rental business operating from VWG dealer locations across the UK.