About Us

It's been 70 years since we helped the very first Volkswagen drivers get behind the wheel.

We've helped a great deal more since then. But while our vehicles have changed a great deal in that time, our ambition has stayed the same: to meet the mobility needs of the people.

The Key to Mobility

It’s our mission statement but what does ‘The Key to Mobility’ actually mean? Put simply it’s helping people with the things they need to get from A – B. To do this we have grown from just being a finance provider, to being a company that gives customers access to more ways to stay mobile, whether that’s through car sharing, vehicle subscriptions, leasing and more.

What keeps us moving forward?

To help us and our customers moving forward both now, and in the future, we have developed our strategy called Mobility 2030, focusing on five key areas:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Vehicle
  • Performance
  • Data and technology
  • Sustainability

Who do we work with?

To give our customers the vehicles they need, we work with some of the world's most loved automotive brands. They include:

How we stay on the right road

To help us understand the role we play in enabling more people to drive our cars, we have some Guiding Principles. These steer the way for how we do business, treat our colleagues, and even develop the products and services we sell.

In practice this means working together as one team, providing an environment where people can thrive, helping them to learn, and giving them the skills and confidence to try new things.

We have a unique spirit and our values also play an important part of our culture and ethos:

Doing and saying the right thing

As a business we believe in always doing the right thing. We encourage all those who work for us to do the same. That’s why we have our Together4Integrity programme, so you can feel free to speak up and contribute ideas on how we can develop our culture in an open and honest way. Our Integrity Ambassadors work across the business to gather feedback and generate ideas to support this culture.

Where you'll find us

Our UK HQ is in Milton Keynes, a young city just 50 miles from London but a world away from the busy capital. Step through the doors and you’ll notice our office space is designed to promote wellbeing. You can enjoy delicious food in our restaurant, relax over a game of pool, or get a caffeine hit from our Kombi Van. We also understand the importance and flexibility of hybrid working, so when we’re not in the office we’re at home collaborating online.